Review: Office 365 administration made easy

Going beyond Office 365's native admin GUI, 365 Command provides powerful Exchange admin capabilities without the need to run PowerShell

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365 Command dashboard
365 Command's dashboard gives you a lot of useful information about your Office 365 installation that you can't easily get directly from the Office 365 administration Web UI.

To continue with the Shared mailbox example, to make this beneficial, you have to actually assign user permissions (see screen image). Then the users can add the mailboxes to their inboxes as new folders from the inbox pop-up menu. The ability to easily manage mailbox permissions is especially necessary for shared mailboxes, but it's also often used for executives' administrative assistants.

Auditing is another good use for 365 Command. In a local Exchange instance, you can do a lot to identify policy violations and restrict certain actions. In Office 365, little of that is exposed. 365 Command can display reports about external forwarding, password violations, and users who have full access and Send As access to other mailboxes. 365 Command also can send you scheduled reports via email (see screen image).

365 Command is a solid administrative tool for businesses that have Office 365 users, especially if no one on staff is an Exchange administration guru with mad PowerShell skills. You could easily justify its cost in reduced administrative expenses. 365 Command is also a handy time-saver for consultants that administer many Office 365 installations for clients.

365 Command at a glance

  • Provides administrative capabilities not exposed in Office 365's Web interface
  • Provides a useful dashboard
  • Creates useful reports
  • Allows for auditing of Exchange Online
  • Allows consultants to switch among client sites with a single sign-on
  • Not directly supported by Microsoft
  • Requires some level of knowledge from the administrator; not for novices
CostUp to 50 seats, $19.95 per month; 51 to 250 seats, $19.95 plus 25 cents per seat per month; 251 to 1,000 seats, $19.95 plus 15 cents per seat per month; more than 1,000 seats, $19.95 plus 10 cents per seat per month

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