IPHONE ANNOUNCE date set -- SAMSUNG Smartwatch -- APPLE product cycle refresh -- MICROSOFT-NOKIA consensus: Dead-cat bounce – ANDROID hits 1 billion, goes KitKat -- ORACLE cheats at America’s Cup


September 4, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> APPLE SEASON: Apple iPhone event on September 10th is official, by Dieter Bohn: "Apple is ready to unveil its next-generation iPhone hardware on September 10th... in Cupertino at Apple's campus... Months of rumors point towards two new iPhones this year... the iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint sensor for device security, a 12- or 13-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, and a gold-colored variant... The big surprise at next week's event could be an entirely new iPhone 5C device. Rumored as a plastic low-cost option available in multiple colors." The Verge

>>>> New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch, by Om Malik GigaOM

>>>> Apple to hold rare event on September 11 in Beijing suggesting imminent iPhone launch in China. ITWorld

>> WATCH WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, by Hayley Tsukayama: "Samsung becomes one of the first major technology companies to dip its toe into the market for wearable devices. Fitness trackers, headsets, connected watches and even Internet-enabled clothing are expected to become big business for firms looking to add devices to their smartphone ecosystems over the next few years." WaPo
>>>> What Microsoft got right with its smartwatch nearly a decade ago. (More than you think.), by Kevin C. Tofel: GigaOM

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>> POST-MORTEM: Microsoft plus Nokia: Pending patent troll?, by Simon Phipps: "Nokia's large patent portfolio could be a powerful weapon in Microsoft's war on archrival Google" InfoWorld
>>>> Fail plus fail equals more fail, by Mark Hachman: "Microsoft and Nokia may have simply thrown a rope to one another, cried 'Save me!' and jumped off a cliff in unison." PCWorld
>>>> Nokia confirms: "Patent attacks may continue after Microsoft purchase… Patents remain with Nokia, meaning Android handset makers may get sued twice." Ars Technica
>>>> HTC on Microsoft-Nokia deal: 'We are assessing the situation' by John Callaham Neowin
>>>> Is there a future for Nokia's dumb phones under Microsoft? ZDNet
>>>> Microsoft takes aim at Google with Nokia's mapping products, by Zach Miners: "Microsoft 'gets [the] flexibility to integrate HERE [mapping] with other experiences,' but declined to comment on how exactly Nokia's mapping services might be integrated into other Microsoft products, or which products." CIO
>>>> FINAL STRAW: In Nokia, Microsoft bets on Apple-like revival, by Nick Wingfield: "Microsoft already bears a striking resemblance to Apple -- the Apple of two decades ago, not the trailblazer of the mobile era. [The Nokia deal is] unlikely to catapult Microsoft up the ranks in the smartphone market.... That is because Microsoft, with its Windows phone operating system, is stuck in third place in that market, where all the oxygen has been drained by more established players." NYTimes

>> #FAIL: When the best isn't enough: HTC sales tumble another 47% in August, by Zach Epstein: "HTC makes the best Android smartphone on the planet, but sometimes the best just isn't enough. The struggling vendor on Wednesday announced that its unaudited consolidated revenue for the month of August totaled NT$13.2 billion, or approximately $444 million in U.S. dollars. That figure is down more than 47% from the NT$25 billion HTC pulled in during the same month last year, which was down 45% from August 2011." BGR

>> SHIPPING: Amazon unveils new Kindle Paperwhite, by Evan Dashevsky: "The new Paperwhite WiFi version will begin shipping on September 30 and will sell for $119, though users can purchase an ad-free version for $139. The 3G version will be available for $189." TechHive

>> CLOUD BUILDING: EMC to Unveil Products Challenging Amazon, Cloud-Storage Sellers, by Dina Bass: "EMC said it's introducing new products that will be offered via a faster and more simplified buying process, challenging the appeal of Web-based computing services from Amazon and other cloud providers.... Project Nile will introduce machines in the first half of next year .... Customers can choose storage for files, databases or the Web and receive a complete system within 48 hours." Bloomberg Businessweek

>> BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Could this be Cisco's Internet of Everything core switch/router? by Jim Duffy: NetworkWorld

>> CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: Russia issues international travel advisory to its hackers, by Kevin Poulsen: Wired

>> DERP: Oracle Team USA hit with harsh penalties in America's Cup, by David Strege: "In what has been described as the harshest penalties in the 162-year history of America's Cup, Oracle Team USA has been docked two points before the 2013 regatta even begins, a key sailor and two shore crewmen have been expelled and the team was fined $250,000 after a four-week cheating investigation by an international jury. The jury found that Larry Ellison's Oracle team made illegal modifications to prototype boats used in America's Cup World Series warm-up regattas last year and earlier this year." GrindTv

>> NAVEL GAZING: The number-one trait of a great developer, by Tammer Saleh: "When I look around at other companies hiring Ruby on Rails developers, I see them focusing on three major traits: Super-smart; Large community following; Deep Ruby knowledge. They're all wrong. While these are great aspects in moderation, they all miss the number one quality of a fantastic developer: Judgment." Tammer Saleh blog

>> DEV DIVE: Learn X in Y minutes, where X = Go, by Sonia Keys: "Go was created out of the need to get work done. It's not the latest trend in computer science, but it is the newest fastest way to solve real-world problems. It has familiar concepts of imperative languages with static typing. It's fast to compile and fast to execute, it adds easy-to-understand concurrency to leverage today's multi-core CPUs, and has features to help with large-scale programming." LearnXinYminutes

>> MICROSOFT MISCHIEF: Microsoft responds to pressure over canceled TechNet subscriptions, by Ed Bott: "The abrupt cancellation of Microsoft's TechNet subscription service sparked a sustained protest from IT pros, who had relied on easy, inexpensive access to Microsoft's enterprise software for well over a decade. In a string of announcements today, Microsoft extended an olive branch, but fell far short of reversing course." ZDNet

>> PRO TIP: How to save Windows Surface: "Microsoft... [should] go to the appstores on Google and Android and find the most popular 10,000 apps of all time... pay the [developers], handsomely, if they convert their app to run native on your platform… huge bounties… pay the top 10 apps, $5 million each. The next 140 apps should get a cool $1 million. Everyone in the top 500 should receive a least half a million" DataGenetics

>> BUG SIREN: Don't install the Google Authenticator for iOS update, unless you want your stored user accounts wiped TechCrunch

>> TASTY: The new Android version 4.4, KitKat, has its own site

>> THE GREAT LANGUAGE GAME: How many languages can you distinguish between?: t/h Hacker News

>> SKY-WRITING: Font created using light streaks from an iPhone Gizmodo

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "The biggest problem with the Microsoft/Nokia purchase is that now only Microsoft can save Windows Phone. Anyone feel good about that?" @thurrott

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