Hacked ADOBE stonewalls -- TWITTER filing exposes losses, slower growth -- VERIZON enters Cloud biz -- ANDREESSEN bullish on BITCOIN


October 4, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> HIGH INSECURITY: Adobe to announce source code, customer data breach, by Brian Krebs: "KrebsOnSecurity first became aware of the source code leak roughly one week ago… a massive 40 GB source code trove stashed on a server used by the same cyber criminals believed to have hacked into… LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet and Kroll… appeared to be source code for ColdFusion and Adobe Acrobat... Adobe believes the attackers stole credit card and other data on approximately 2.9 million customers… Adobe said the credit card numbers were encrypted and that the company does not believe decrypted credit card numbers left its network." Krebs on Security

>>>> Adobe's network compromised: 2.9 million customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, and source code TNW

>>>> Adobe fesses up to hack but fudges on details InfoWorld >> FIRST LOOK: Twitter is spending more and less on tech than you might think, by Derrick Harris: "Twitter doesn't have nearly the scalability concerns of its web peers such as Google and Facebook, but its S-1 filing still provides some interesting insights into a company that has been relatively secretive about it data center operations." GigaOM

>>>> Twitter IPO reveals a company that's growing fast but losing money InfoWorld

>>>> Twitter's IPO by the numbers: 300B tweets, 200M monthly users VentureBeat

>>>> S-1

>> ME TOO NEED LIFELINE: Verizon challenges Amazon with Verizon Cloud, by Serdar Yegulalp: "Much of the technology for creating this new cloud sprang from Terremark, the cloud technology company Verizon acquired in 2011. With conventional telecom on the wane, companies like Verizon are looking for related technology venues into which to expand, and cloud computing may well be one of them." InfoWorld

>> MICROSOFT MISCHIEF: Microsoft said to ask HTC for Windows on Android phones, by Tim Culpan, Dina Bass, Peter Burrows: "Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's operating systems unit, asked HTC last month to load Windows Phone as a second option on handsets with Google's rival software... Myerson discussed cutting or eliminating the license fee to make the idea more attractive... The talks are preliminary and no decision has been made." Bloomberg

>>>> HTC posts operating loss of $101M Ubergizmo

>>>> Samsung eyes record operating profit, $ 9.4B FT

>> PAX VOBISCUM: Estimating HTC's post-traumatic life expectancy, by Horace Dediu: "The pattern may be that companies either have short post-trauma lives of about two to three years or relatively long post-trauma lives lasting 4 to 5 years... Nokia and RIM did indeed have 'two to three years' of life left under the same ownership. Two years to be precise. But as Nokia and RIM change hands HTC enters the schedule... HTC has just confirmed that they have lost profitability for the first time since going public in 2002. As the clock begins running the alarm is now set to a much tighter 2 years. The implication being that HTC will change ownership or control no later than mid 2015." Asymco

>> GAINING CURRENCY: Andreessen: Bitcoin is like the early Internet, by Carmel Deamicis: Marc "Andreessen believes that Bitcoin will ultimately be accepted and regulated in the United States. However, the countries where it will make the biggest impact are those with disastrous currency systems. Andreessen says, "It's going to be adopted precisely because it's not controlled by the government of -- pick a country -- that has bad policies." PandoDaily

>> BIG BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS: IBM purchases Xtify to target new marketing channels, by Joab Jackson: "Continuing to build its portfolio of software for supporting electronic commerce operations, IBM has acquired Xtify, a provider of push notification-based marketing services for mobile platforms.... Xtify offers a hosted platform to track those who visit e-commerce websites or use mobile applications from their mobile phones. It can alert possible customers when new content appears on the site, or send them personalized messages to let them know of possibly interesting promotions. The service can follow a user across different devices." PCWorld

>> MACBOOK MAVERICKS ROLLING TO LAUNCHPAD: Apple issues Golden Master build of OS X 10.9 to developers, by Andrew Cunningham: "A GM build of Mavericks means that an official release isn't far off… a Mavericks announcement would pair nicely with some new Haswell-equipped Retina MacBook Pros or perhaps the redesigned Mac Pro." Ars Technica

>> DOUBLING DOWN ON THE BIG LIE: Samsung: We don't cheat on benchmarks, by Zach Epstein: "Public relations responses are typically intentionally left open to interpretation, but this particular statement leaves no room for guessing. Samsung has said that well-respected tech sites Ars Technica and Anandtech are flat-out lying... Which is true? Will we ever know? Does it even matter? As dozens of smartphone enthusiasts ponder these questions and more, the rest of the world will likely forget all this happened in a matter of hours." BGR

>> PRICE OF PRIVACY: Yahoo hit with new lawsuit over email scanning in wake of Gmail ruling, by Jeff John Roberts: "Can big email providers scan your messages in order to serve you relevant advertising? Google and Yahoo have long assumed the answer is yes, which is one of the reasons the giant companies provide free email to millions of people. Last week, however, a federal judge in California refused to throw out a class action case against Google, ruling that people who swapped messages with Gmail users -- but do not use Gmail themselves -- had never given the search giant permission to read their email... Now, other class action lawyers have seized upon the ruling to file a new lawsuit against Yahoo on behalf of 100 million people who do not use Yahoo Mail but have communicated with someone who does." GigaOM

>> PATENT PACHYDERM PAUSES FOR AIR: Intellectual Ventures curbs patent buying amid fund-raising effort, by Dan Levine: "Intellectual Ventures, a multi-billion-dollar firm that virtually invented a new market for patents and inventions, has curtailed its patent buying in the past few months... as it seeks to raise new funds. Created in 2000, Intellectual Ventures to date has raised about $6 billion and acquired 70,000 patents and other intellectual property assets. The company is currently attempting to raise $3 billion more." Reuters

>> AD-POCALYPSE CONTINUES APACE: Everyone panic! Instagram starts rolling out ads, by Selena Larson: "Instagram, as it has long promised to do, will begin introducing advertisements into U.S. user feeds in the 'next couple [of] months.' The company said it will roll out ads 'for brands you don't follow' slowly, and that it will distribute them as 'high-quality photos and videos.'" [Facebook monetizing, 2.0.] ReadWrite

>> DEPARTURE LOUNGE: Samsung's mobile chief departs NY Times Bits

>> U.S. indicts 13 Anonymous members for DDoS attacks PCWorld

>> Lawmaker: Snowden may have had help with leaks InfoWorld

>> Sanctions loom large for Samsung execs told of terms of secret Nokia-Apple patent license FOSS Patents

>> Google's All-Access music may finally come to iOS Macworld

>> Mobile app search engine Quixey scores $50M led by Alibaba VentureBeat

>> Microsoft to patch zero-day IE bug now under attack Computerworld

>> Apple acquires personal assistant app Cue for >$35M AppleInsider

>> CIOs in the public sector face roadblocks to data center consolidation CIO

>> Rage against the algorithms The Atlantic

>> Crocodile tears for Ballmer's dinged bonus InfoWorld

>> Source code for the book 'Machine Learning Systems with Python' Luis Pedro/GitHub

>> Startup Cheat Codes Ecquire t/h Hacker News

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "Undisclosed risk factor in Twitter's IPO, known by all journalists who look at Chartbeat: People don't actually care about Twitter." @owenthomas

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