Cloud kudos only grow, as does recognition of its true value

IDG survey shows businesses are beginning to see that the cloud is about much more than operational cost savings

More good news around cloud computing: "The prospects for cloud service providers look pretty rosy with almost 50 percent of executive-level respondents to an IDG survey saying they believe that cloud will be transformational to their business strategies. Forty percent had their IT staff investigating the potential of cloud, and only 5 percent saw no use for cloud services."

It was clear from the survey that most respondents believe the cloud is having, or will have, a positive effect on their businesses. Indeed, 56 percent said it accelerated business value by providing access to critical business data and applications.

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The strategic use of data is a side benefit of cloud computing, but it's a value that goes way beyond any operational cost benefits. Most businesses have yet to understand that fact, but it will become readily apparent as we move into data analytics services that can scale in the cloud.

The IDG survey was more inclusive than most of the surveys I see. IDG's email survey, from its IT-oriented websites such as InfoWorld and Computerworld, elicited nearly 1,400 responses, 58 percent of them from executive IT roles and 17 percent from midlevel IT roles. Enterprises responding to the survey said they spent 44 percent of their IT budgets on cloud computing and expected this to increase to 51 percent by 2015.

Three takeaways emerge from this survey:

  • Cloud computing does not have much of a downside, considering the largely positive response from this and other surveys.
  • The bubble that many predicted does not seem to be coming any time soon. Indeed, the use of cloud computing seems to be more of an evolution and slower growing style of technology adoption, not a mass movement.
  • Businesses are beginning to understand the true value that cloud computing can bring. This means the strategic use of business data and access to mission-critical enterprise applications they would not be able to afford, were it not for the cloud. That's a good development away from the initial focus on just cheaper infrastructure.

I suspect there is more good news to come, but I also expect a few fails to occur as well. Both success and failure are healthy.

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