NSA Privacy Rule violations vastly greater than believed -- Clash tanks DELL 72% -- GOOGLE Heisman to Windows Phone YouTube app -- SAMSUNG's Droid-powered Galaxy Gear watch -- GATES patents text-to-image mapping -- Crossing SARAH LACY


August 16, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>>NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, by Barton Gellman: "The National Security Agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008, according to an internal audit and other top-secret documents. Most of the infractions involve unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreign intelligence targets in the United States, both of which are restricted by statute and executive order. They range from significant violations of law to typographical errors that resulted in unintended interception of U.S. e-mails and telephone calls." WaPo

>>>> WASHINGTON BULLETIN: NSA, DEA, IRS lie about fact that Americans are routinely spied on by our government -- Time for a Special Prosecutor, by Jennifer Stisa Granick, Christopher Jon Sprigman: "At this moment, the NSA enjoys virtually unrestricted power to spy on Americans, without a warrant or any particular suspicion that any person spied upon has done anything wrong...it’s time now for Congress to act. A good first step would be to appoint a Special Prosecutor with wide power to subpoena Administration officials, and to bring criminal indictments where appropriate. Congress should then begin the process of reforming surveillance law to make absolutely clear that the NSA has no power to conduct warrantless mass surveillance of Americans." Forbes

>>>> The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen EFF

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>> WALL STREET WORRIES: Dell profit slides 72 percent as privatization battle drags on, by James Niccolai: "Dell reported a 72 percent drop in profit on Thursday, a month before an expected shareholder vote that could shape the future of the company. Dell is in the midst of a battle between founder and CEO Michael Dell, who wants to take Dell private, and a group of discontented shareholders who say he must pay more money in order to do so." InfoWorld

>> SPY VS. SPY: Google blocks Microsoft's new YouTube Windows Phone app, by Tom Warren: "Microsoft's recently released YouTube application for Windows Phone is being blocked by Google... Despite the two companies collaborating on an app based on HTML5, Microsoft's app is still breaking YouTube's terms of use. 'Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service,' says a Google spokesperson. 'It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines.' The application was released earlier this week and was working for Windows Phone users before errors started to display." The Verge

>>>> Someone f'd up… I suspect Microsoft more than Google in this case. TechCrunch

>>>> Backstory InfoWorld

>>>> Why did Google block Microsoft's YouTube app? CITEWorld

>>>> Microsoft responds: The limits of Google's openness MS on the issues

>> FIRST LOOK: Citrix Receiver for Windows Phone 8 now available, get your work on, by Sam Sabri: "Another week, another big app joins the Windows Phone platform. If you or your company relies on Citrix you'll be happy to learn that you can now download Citrix Receiver for Windows Phone 8... Citrix Receiver allows users access to their documents, apps, and desktops from a device -- like your Windows Phone. " WP Central

>> PAGING DICK TRACY: Samsung said to introduce wristwatch-like smartphone next month, by Jungah Lee: "Samsung will introduce a wristwatch-like device named the Galaxy Gear next month that can make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails, according to two people familiar with the matter.... The Galaxy Gear will be powered by Google Inc.'s Android operating system and go on sale this year to beat a potentially competing product from Apple, the people said. The device will be unveiled Sept. 4, two days before the IFA consumer electronics show begins in Berlin, one of the people said, asking not to be identified because the plans are private." Bloomberg

>> REFRESH: Sony said to win rights to Viacom for TV streaming service, by Cliff Edwards: "Under the deal, Tokyo-based Sony would use the Web to deliver shows such as 'SpongeBob SquarePants' and 'Teen Wolf' to homes with those products, bypassing traditional pay TV providers, said the person, who asked not to be named because the matter remains confidential. The service also would sell Viacom shows and movies on demand, the person said.... Like Intel Corp. (INTC), Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and other technology companies, the maker of Bravia TVs and Xperia phones has struggled to obtain movies and shows for an Internet-based entertainment service. Major film and television producers fear such services will jeopardize the $100 billion-a-year in fees they share with cable, phone and satellite TV providers. The TV industry also collects $59 billion a year in ad sales." Bloomberg

>> HACK ATTACK: Syrian Electronic Army targets Washington Post, CNN, and Time, by Steve Ragan: "Just days after they targeted the New York Post, the pro-Assad hacking group -- Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) -- has targeted Outbrain.com, a company that delivers recommended content links to the bottom of articles published by more than 400 websites including CNN, Time, Fox News, NBC News, Reuters, US Weekly, Slate, Mashable, and the Washington Post... to compromise Outbrain.com's WordPress installation, as well as their content distribution system... the breach occurred due to a phishing attack that originated from an email that spoofed their CEO's account." CSO

>>> Here's how it worked WaPo

>> WIRED WASHINGTON: Obama and Romney big data experts continue the battle as businesses, by Patrick Thibodeau: "The self-described nerds of President Obama's presidential campaign last year were back using big data analytics, this time to help Newark Mayor Cory Booker achieve a landside primary win Tuesday in the New Jersey Democratic primary for a vacant U.S. Senate seat. But, notably, the Obama data scientists are doing this work as consultants, through their own recently formed firm, BlueLabs... At about the same time BlueLabs was formed, the chief data scientist for Mitt Romney's campaign, Alex Lundry, co-founded Deep Root Analytics." Computerworld

>> SCROOGLED: With Gmail overhaul, not all mail is equal, by Drew Fitzgerald: "When the search giant overhauled its free email service three months ago, it set up algorithms to automatically siphon the flow of airfare offers and spa deals away from users' main inboxes and into an easily bypassed 'Promotions' folder... For Gmail users that do visit those Promotions folders, the first items they see will often be ads sold by Google. The ads are different from those that already appear inside users' opened messages. Instead, they look like emails sitting in an inbox but are shaded yellow and feature informational 'i' icons explaining their purpose. Marketers still complain that the ads threaten to draw attention away from the coupons and pitch emails they want their targets to read first." Wall Street Journal

>> IMMIGRANT SONG: Fully a third of venture-backed companies that went public between 2006 and 2012 had at least one immigrant founder at the helm, by Grace Nasri: "Immigrants today are more than twice as likely to found businesses as their native-born counterparts and are responsible for more than 25% of all new business creation and related job growth. And while some of these immigrant-led businesses are next-generation startups and small businesses, many actually top the charts when it comes to America's largest companies." Fast Company

>> OVERLOOKED: Bill Gates patents idea for autogenerating images from text, by Matthew Jarvis: "It seems that Bill Gates has decided to wage war on boring old textbooks with a patent that describes automatically creating videos and images by analysing text.... In the patent, Gates and his partners, including Nathan Myhrvold, who with Gates previously submitted an idea to suppress hurricanes, outline their desire to combat the ‘notorious' 'dry presentation of material' in school textbooks. PCR

>> DISH: PandoDaily's threatening email meltdown, by Sam Biddle: "Former BusinessWeek reporter, TechCrunch columnist, and current tech PR star Sarah Lacy has made a name for herself: her website, PandoDaily, is one of the industry's most loyal allies. But if you do something she doesn't like, she and her goons will try to destroy you. Look at their rabid emails and see." ValleyWag

>> GOLDEN ANVIL: BlackBerry CEO to make $55.6 million if ousted on sale Bloomberg

>> RELEASING: Apple iOS 7 beta 6, to devs TUAW

>> INTO THE WILD: Seven screens not enough, Wall Street traders now wearing Google Glass GigaOM

>> INTO THE WILD II: Mercedes is testing Google Glass integration, and it actually works Wired

>> SUPPORT: Most "Helpful" votes on Microsoft's Windows 8 support forum? "How do I downgrade to Windows XP?" Number two: "I hate Windows 8. How can I deinstall it and load Windows 7?" myce

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "If WaPo's NSA scoops this evening have you bummed out, cheer up by donating to the @EFF, who've been fighting this crap since 1990" @xeni

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