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A crisis of spending and cloud-based GenAI

Enterprises want generative AI, but CIOs need a way to pay for it. Diverting spending from traditional cloud computing may not be the best strategy.

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Microsoft’s F# gets computation expressions enhancement

The 'while!' keyword is geared for clarity and expressiveness and will appear in F# 8.

Apples and oranges, bait and switch

What is REST? The de facto web architecture

REST is one of the most popular architectural styles for distributed web applications, but it's rarely implemented as intended. Here's why that matters.


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Build beyond Windows: WSL and WSA in 2023

Updates to Windows Subsystems for Linux and Android make cross-platform development on Windows easy.

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Java 22 could include computed constants, class-filed API

These capabilities could join previously previewed features such as structured concurrency, value object storage enhancements, and string templates.

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Build an API gateway using YARP in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of an API gateway to provide a single point of entry to your back-end services and keep your services secure. YARP makes it easy.

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MongoDB adds generative AI features to boost developer productivity

The new generative AI features are incorporated in MongoDB’s Relational Migrator, Compass, Atlas Charts tools, and its Documentation interface.

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4 sweet Python IDEs you might have missed

From a simple platform for beginners to an expert-level development workbench, there's an IDE for most every Pythonista.

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10 JavaScript concepts every Node developer must master

Want to build efficient and scalable Node.js apps? Learn how to make JavaScript work for you, not against you.

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Next.js 13.5 brings faster startups and refreshes

Next.js 13.5 features faster startups and refreshes and lower memory usage. Package imports were also optimized for large libraries.


Four Llamas on the range - LLMs

5 easy ways to run an LLM locally

Deploying a large language model on your own system can be surprisingly simple—if you have the right tools. Here's how to use LLMs like Meta's new Code Llama on your desktop.

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Confluent’s Data Streaming for AI initiative aims to boost AI app development

The initiative is a result of the managed Apache Kafka service provider partnering with the likes of MongoDB, Pinecone, Rockset, Zilliz, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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Angular 17 due in November with syntax for control flow

Directive functionality is to be added to the framework itself, along with deferrable loading.

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When your cloud finops system rats you out to your boss

The time is coming when poor IT design and decisions will be outed by finops automation and artificial intelligence. Are you ready to defend yourself?

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Is a serverless database right for your workload?

The serverless database model can be a great solution for unpredictable workloads and a number of other scenarios. Just don’t view it as the end all be all.