Review: Acer Iconia W3-810 is too little, too lame

The world's first 8-inch Windows tablet is long on portability and battery life, short on everything else

Billed as "the world's first 8-inch Windows tablet," the Acer Iconia W3 is proof that getting there first isn't always the most important achievement.

The W3 puts size and portability ahead of most everything else -- but not always to its advantage. For instance, its display resolution (1,280 by 800) is smaller than the recommended resolution for the OS (1,280 by 960). Consequently, some apps open windows that disappear off the bottom of the display. I was able to work around such issues by switching to portrait mode while running these apps, but it was jarring, to say the least.

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In fact, there's a lot to indicate that the W3 was designed to be used mainly in portrait mode. The speakers are on the right-hand short edge, along with the Windows logo button, and the front-facing camera is on the short edge opposite that. Acer didn't skimp on external connectivity, at least; Micro HDMI, Micro USB, and MicroSD connectors are all included.

The keyboard designed to go with the W3 is, to put it diplomatically, terrible. First of all, the W3 doesn't really dock with the keyboard -- it just sits in a groove along the top, where it can be easily dislodged with one good jostle. Forget about using the keyboard on the go, a problem I also had with the Acer Iconia W700.

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