The best of the worst: The dirty IT jobs hall of shame

We've sifted through the sewage and vermin to bring you the 14 all-time dirtiest jobs in IT

For several years running, we've run our fingers along the underside of IT in an effort to surface the dirtiest jobs in tech.

Carcasses in computer hardware, endless streams of anatomical close-ups, the occasional encounter with fecal matter both real and metaphoric -- each installment of our Dirty IT Jobs series has revealed an industry of consummate professionals willing to go to any length (or depth) in the name of IT.

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If there's anything we've learned along the way, it's that when it comes to IT, there will never be a shortage of nasty work to get done.

Compiled here you will find the worst of the worst -- a Hall of Shame, if you will, highlighting the unsung heroes of the unseemly side of IT.

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