Straight outta OSCON, it's Piers Cawley's keynote/sing-along

Cawley's keynote trumps the usual corporate song-and-dance with actual singing and dancing -- from real developers, to boot

In addition to being a programmer, Piers Cawley is a natural performer. For proof, just check out his keynote at this year's OSCON. In the video below, he teaches the crowd a kiddie song about the vastness of space set to the tune of "Three Blind Mice." But there's choreography, too! Though nothing more complicated than, say, the "YMCA" choreography (it's a childrens' song, after all), the fact that he got all those developers out of their seats to perform this silly little ditty shows off his leadership skills quite emphatically.

Cawley also rolls out a second song: a virtuoso performance in which he chides techies for using bleepable language better suited for the more unseemly corners of the tech world (hackers, pirates, Google, and so on). Perhaps this keynote is light on wonky technical stuff, but it's undeniably heavy in entertainment value.

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