6 wishes for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

What? You didn't know today was SysAdmin Appreciation Day? Better slip around the corner and buy flowers. Better yet, do your best to fulfill at least one wish from this list

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Wish No. 4: Users, please have some sort of understanding that security is important
The password on a sticky note on the monitor is bad enough, but users seem to think that system security is both someone else's problem and a thorn in their sides. So users complain about password complexity rules, while also using their corporate email and password as login information on any number of external sites, releasing those credentials into the wild where security depends on the weakest (or shadiest) site. No matter how we try to mitigate this problem, human nature has a way of foiling security practices, and we wind up with holes in the system that we have no way of preventing.

In short, while there are plenty of user stupid user tricks regarding security, please, never use your corporate email and/or password for anything other than corporate use -- never, ever, ever.

Wish No. 5: Don't assume we sit around loafing when your support request is dealt with quickly
Occasionally, we'll get a request from a user that the user thinks is really complex. In reality, we've written a script to take care of requests just like it, so it only takes us a few seconds to run the script with the appropriate variables, and the ticket is closed. We usually do this while we're working on some other hairy problem that will take us hours to deal with. When we see an "easy" ticket come through, we'll knock it off the list quickly because we don't really know how much longer the other ticket will take. When that happens, just be thankful, not suspicious. Also, please stop asking us to fix your personal laptops. We're too busy for that.

Wish No. 6: Don't ask us to violate the laws of physics, as we are not actual wizards
Frequently, we get requests from users on every side of the company for things that are simply, clearly impossible. These range from a user asking us to restore a file that only ever existed on the personal laptop he sold a few years ago to a VP demanding that we double the computational power for an application without adding any resources whatsoever.

We understand that not everyone knows as much about computing as we do, but we would hope that at some point, some sort of logic and reason would preclude the question. However flattering it may be to have someone think we can alter the laws of the universe, questions like these just serve to increase our resentment toward humankind.

Well, there are our six wishes. There are many others. Got some of your own for SysAdmin Appreciation Day?

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