Windows 8.1 Update woes pile up: Errors 80070020, 80073712, 800F081F, 80242FFF, 800F0922

WSUS is still down, as general update failures and complaints flow in the two days since the release of Windows 8.1 Update

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MartinSifra says:

Getting 800f0922 when installing KB2919355. Everything seems to be OK, but after reboot there is message about rolling changes back, because of error while instalation.

Microsoft has released fixes/workarounds for these problems:

Meanwhile, on the corporate side, I haven't seen any indication out of Redmond that it's ready to send Windows 8.1 Update back down the WSUS corporate server update channel. As you may recall, Windows 8.1 Update was pulled on Tuesday, because installing it interfered with getting additional patches via WSUS. The bug can be overcome by enabling a product called TLS 1.2 on the WSUS server, if you know how to fix it.

One experienced WSUS admin put it this way: "It's not really that big of a deal to enable TLS 1.2 on your WSUS server and reboot ... at least, if you have server roles properly separated as required by PCI and other standards. It IS a major dopeslap for Microsoft to apparently not test its patch with the default server settings, and to put in place something to enable TLS 1.2 when you install the update."

Finally, the problem I mentioned yesterday with the MSDN version of Windows 8.1 Update not matching the Windows Update version of Windows 8.1 Update (gotta love the terminology) persists. The MSDN version still contains file Windows8.1-KB2949621-v2-x86.msu; the Windows Update version still contains Windows8.1-KB2934018-x86.msu. Those of you who installed Windows 8.1 Update from the bits provided by Microsoft to MSDN last week still need to make sure you install KB 2919355 -- the Windows 8.1 Update KB -- or KB 2934018.

This is supposed to be getting easier, right? New rapid deployment. New release methods. Better updating of updates. Yes?

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