Video: The Onion has your killer app right here

Students, babies, blind people -- take it from the Onion: This app will solve everyone's problems

Tech CEO Thomas Fisk asked himself a very important question: "What are two separate things? And can I turn one of those things into the other thing?" The answers to those questions led him to create PicSong, the app the turns photos into music. "That's kind of a cool thing, right? Don't you think you might want to use that for some reason?" Answering his own question, Fisk states, "This is the thing that solves your problem, whatever it is."

Yes, the above video is a parody (note The Onion origin), but it's razor-sharp in its execution. Its delightful skewering of pointless apps and the self-importance of the people who create and promote them captures all the trappings of a TED Talk mixed with the evangelical feel of so many tech pitches. "Who is this app for? Maybe it's for students. Or artists. Or blind people. Yeah, blind people might like it, I guess." Truer words were never spoken, Mr. Fisk.

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