White House to geeks: Get covered by Obamacare and start something

Coders, startup workers, Web entrepreneurs, listen up -- your geek colleagues want you to sign up for health insurance

Ryan Panchadsaram was brought in by the White House as part of an elite squad of coders to help make the HealthCare.gov website work, and now he wants his fellow programmers to use it. He's not alone, either: In the video below, several other self-professed geeks pop in and urge tech-minded folks to get health care coverage.

Of course, there is a delicious irony in asking geeks to go to a website that was a high-profile tech embarrassment. It's hard to resist the obvious rejoinder: "We'd love to get covered, but you have to learn how to build a working website first!" Point taken, but between this and President Obama's appearance on comedian Zach Galifianakis' "Between Two Ferns" Web series, the White House is making a real effort to get Web denizens insured.

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