Windows 8.1 Update KB 2919355 fails with error 0x80070003

Windows 8.1 Update isn't a day old, yet the first bug has cropped up: Unattended install with a moved ProfilesDirectory doesn't work

Australian Malcolm McCaffery has just posted a detailed account of the first bug I've heard about in the Windows 8.1 Update installer. The short version: If you attempt an unattended (automated) install of Windows 8.1 Update/KB 2919355 and have moved the ProfilesDirectory off of the C: drive, the installer will fail with a singularly unhelpful notice" "Some updates were not installed."

Digging deeper into the Events log, McCaffery discovered that WindowsUpdateClient was reporting:

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0×80070003: Update for Windows (KB2919355)

McCaffery goes through the details of how he narrowed down the source of the error using ProcMon -- some good sleuthing there -- and comes to the conclusion that the error happened because a folder called D:\Users\Default was missing. Why was it missing? McCaffery had redirected the UserProfiles folder from C: to D: by using a registry key and didn't include that information in unattend.xml.

After putting a copy of UserProfiles on the C: drive, installation finished normally.

As I mentioned earlier today, Windows 8.1 Update is going to be a rocky ride. When Microsoft upgraded Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, it went through the Windows Store. Windows 8.1 Update is different, though -- it's reverting to the old WSUS/Windows Update "Patch Tuesday" mechanism. It also relies on an updated servicing stack. And, as far as I know, KB 2919355 has never been tested outside of Microsoft.

Hold on to your hat. (t/h SB)

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