How to bridge the gap between HR and IT

IT managers need to provide HR with sharp questions about applicants' technical skills, and HR pros need to do their homework about IT

Ask your HR director to hire five new IT analysts skilled in hypervisor and server virtualization infrastructure and you'll likely get a quizzical look back. The fact is that technology in the workplace is advancing too fast for HR professionals (and really any non-IT personnel) to keep up with.

This widening knowledge gap between IT professionals and the HR managers who are tasked with filling positions causes real problems in hiring the right workers. The problem occurs most frequently when IT managers need to find an employee that has a very specific set of IT skills.

While HR professionals can find broadly qualified technologists and network administrators, highly specialized skills such as cloud computing, DevOps software development, NoSQL databases and big-data analytics are often beyond HR's ability to evaluate.

Left unmanaged, HR's misunderstanding of new technology concepts and keywords can result in poor hires and unmet expectations.

Ask the right questions

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