50 tips and tricks for Chrome power users

Take your Web surfing experience to the next level with these 50 tips and tricks for Google's Chrome browser

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Chrome tip No. 46
Keep your Chrome bookmarks, extensions, and settings separate from other users of your computer by setting up multiple Chrome profiles. Open the main Chrome menu, find the section labeled "Users," and click the "Add new user" button to add profiles beyond your own.

Chrome tip No. 47
Chrome has its own basic tool for sharing your screen with other computers: All you need is Google's official Chrome Remote Desktop extension. It allows you to establish secure connections for remote support or for your own remote access to apps and files.

Tip No. 48: Inspect element
Tip No. 48: Inspect element

Chrome tip No. 48
Peek under the hood of any Web page by right-clicking on the screen and selecting the "Inspect element" option from the menu that appears. It'll let you dig into any part of the page's code.

Chrome tip No. 49
Chrome has its own Task Manager, similar to Windows. If you're ever wondering how much memory each of your tabs is using, press Shift-Esc. You can manually terminate any tab or process from that tool as well.

Chrome tip No. 50
Feeling adventurous? Give one of Chrome's advanced channels a whirl. You can use the beta channel, which typically gets features a month or more before the stable version of the browser, or the dev channel, which is updated frequently with fresh and often raw additions. If you're feeling especially bold, there's also a version of Chrome called Canary that runs as a stand-alone program and has "bleeding edge" daily builds.

As you'd imagine, the Chrome channels get increasingly less stable -- and thus more prone to glitches -- as you move up the ladder. Use a nonstable channel only if you're comfortable with that sort of environment.

You can find links for moving into the various Chrome channels at the official Chrome Release Channels page.

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