Video: Watch out, Google Glass -- Sony SmartEyeglass wants developers too

Sony's entry into enhanced eyewear market aims to provide all the functionality of Google Glass in a more discreet form

Sony isn't about to let Google hog the smart eyewear market all to itself. At the Wearables DevCon conference, it showed off a prototype of its own computer-enhanced glasses, called SmartEyeglasses, that work with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Sony has designed SmartEyeglass to be less obvious (read: obnoxious) than Google's, as they're meant to look more like regular glasses. But as the video above shows, SmartEyeglasses aren't skimping on the usefulness, either -- the airport demo in particular could be quite helpful. Sony is hoping developers will take to the device and build an ecosystem around it as a viable alternative to Google Glass.

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