Cloud feeds need for speed in software delivery

Evans survey finds developers accelerating updates, releases via cloud technologies

Cloud computing is helping developers increase software delivery, according to a recent survey, with nearly 26 percent of developers in a recent survey releasing updates or new versions at least once a day, while more than 63 percent release at least once a week.

Evans Data's Cloud Development Survey, conducted late last year, tabulated responses from 436 developers who either deploy to clouds or use cloud-based development tools; results were released this week. In addition to developers releasing rapid updates or new releases via the cloud, Evans also found that 51 percent feel cloud computing in general will improve coordination between development and operations and thus assist with continuous delivery.

Developers, said Evans analyst Michael Rasalan, are beginning to see value in publishing applications more quickly in the cloud. "A lot of this just comes down to the ability to efficiently provide updates and bug fixes dynamically."

ISVs are the most likely to release software quickly, with 45.7 percent releasing updates daily and 73.6 percent updating at least weekly. In comparison, just 12.9 percent of internal corporate enterprise developers make daily releases, while 66.4 percent make them at least once per week. ISVs can be smaller and more agile, while corporate developers might face organizational resistance to quicker application deployments. "The main thing is sometimes, it's just the scale of the organizations," Rasalan said.

ISV and corporate developers have different opinions on cloud and devops as well. For ISVs, 76.6 percent think the cloud will improve coordination between development and operations, and 9.9 percent think it will make it worse. Internal developers in the corporate enterprise are evenly split, with 35 percent believing the cloud will improve coordination and 35.9 percent expecting it to make things worse. Another 22.3 percent of internal developers believe the cloud will erode the need for operations completely.

Evans has conducted its cloud development survey every six months for the past five years.

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