Video: Stephen Colbert pitches, pokes security pros in RSA keynote

The satirist needles RSA for its NSA links, while also hyping his own security measure, with trademark biting humor

The RSA conference, as Stephen Colbert states in the video below, is "the premier forum where security professionals gather to discuss the latest, most bleeding-edge technology that the NSA had five years ago." And he was just warming up.

Over the course of his address, Colbert touched on the controversy at RSA (the conference) about RSA (the company) working with the NSA and the resulting calls for RSA boycotts. He also found time to pitch his own data security company, CloudFog, in truly Colbertian fashion: "We take a novel, horizontal approach to vertical socket encryption. The result can only be described as diagonal." Plus, his bit about his random number generator, an "advanced polyhedral extruded polymer infosolid," is nerd humor at its finest.

Note: The binary string Colbert recites at the beginning of his address translates to "hi" -- well played, Mr. Colbert, well played.

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