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Java 15 starts to take shape

Next version of standard Java will add text blocks and the Z Garbage Collector, and drop the Nashorn JavaScript engine

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Can public clouds keep up with the pandemic surge?

So far, most public cloud providers have kept pace with new demands, but even the cloud has limits

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Zeek and Jitsi: 2 open source projects we need now

Long proven but not well known, these network security monitoring and video conferencing tools couldn’t be more timely


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What’s new in Angular 9.1

Angular 9.1 brings performance improvements to the ngcc compatibility compiler and the Ivy compiler and runtime

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New York calls for tech volunteers to fight COVID-19

New York State needs volunteer ‘technology SWAT teams‘ of developers, data scientists, and other techs to aid the pandemic response

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Track and analyze the COVID-19 pandemic with KNIME

Download our guided analytics dashboard to visualize the latest COVID-19 data, or try the entire KNIME Analytics Platform workflow

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TensorFlow deepens its advantages in the AI modeling wars

Despite complaints about its complexity, TensorFlow supports every AI development, training, and deployment scenario you can imagine

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Git 2.26 fetches faster by default

Latest version of the open source software version control system uses the new fast network fetch protocol instead of the old slow one

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InnerSource: A better way to work together on code

How using open source methods to develop proprietary software increases project efficiency, code quality, and developer happiness

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O’Reilly pulls the plug on in-person events

The company believes the events business is ‘forever changed’ due to the coronavirus pandemic, so is moving its conferences online


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GitOps puts the power of Git into Ops

GitOps might finally do for developers and operations teams what DevOps has long promised

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9 offbeat databases worth a look

Plain old MySQL or MongoDB not doing the job? See if these unique offerings meet your needs

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COVID-19 stress tests cloud services

Industry research firms Forrester and GlobalData assess the impact of the pandemic on cloud service providers

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LLVM 10 bolsters Wasm, C/C++, and TensorFlow

The latest version of the language development toolkit improves parallelism in Wasm and adds a sublanguage that aids machine learning

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Remote coding with Visual Studio Live Share and GitHub

Using Microsoft’s development tools for remote working and social coding