Mirantis, IBM give businesses 75,000 reasons to adopt OpenStack

Using SoftLayer, Mirantis' performance benchmarks show OpenStack can scale to 75,000 VMs, and potentially beyond

When Mirantis wanted to see how well OpenStack scaled when dealing with tens of thousands of VMs, it teamed up with IBM's SoftLayer to create some benchmarks. The results: Some 75,000 small VMs were deployed over approximately 8 hours, with VMs taking around 200 seconds on average to boot.

The results, published at Mirantis's blog, go into considerable detail about how Mirantis obtained its numbers, though the stats in question mainly focus on provisioning concurrency, as well as deployment and boot times.

Mirantis' infrastructure, running version 4.0 of its OpenStack product (the Havana release), was built on approximately 350 physical machines provisioned at SoftLayer's data centers and mainly measured how quickly the whole system could boot new VMs when receiving multiple concurrent requests. For the test, the OpenStack setup was stripped down to only its compute, image, and identity components (Nova, Glance, and Keystone, respectively) and used the Rally engine for the actual testing.

The best results -- in terms of boot time and success rate -- came when booting a total of 75,000 VMs with around 250 simultaneous connections. Mirantis claims its OpenStack distribution can support up to 500 simultaneous requests.

Red Hat has become one of the most familiar faces in the commercial OpenStack world, but Mirantis has also been cementing ties with the likes of Dell and Intel; all three companies are foundational OpenStack Foundation members. To push its OpenStack over the competition, Mirantis stresses it's a pure open source distribution, with no lock-ins to a specific vendor product (as with, Red Hat Enterprise Linux), but at the same time enterprise-ready.

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