SALESFORCE goes all API crazy -- BITCOIN = Big Coin, breaks $600 -- APPLE buys KINECT 3D tech -- The Kids Aren't Always All Right


November 18, 2013 06:00 PST | 09:00 EST | 14:00 UTC

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>> PLATFORM IN THE SKY: launches Salesforce1 integration platform, by Serdar Yegulalp: " has unveiled Salesforce1, a new platform that unifies many of the disparate pieces across its empire via a platform designed to allow the creation of social and mobile apps. The company describes Salesforce1 as a way to harness 'the Internet of customers,' an obvious riff on the 'Internet of things'.... Salesforce1 is meant to allow the rapid creation of apps that can work across Salesforce's sales, service, and marketing apps, as well as on top of its, Heroku, and ExactTarget Fuel platforms, all at the same time. Salesforce1 is a free, automatic upgrade for existing Salesforce customers." InfoWorld

>> making business software more social New York Times (paywalled)

>> Salesforce launches Salesforce 1: Will it future proof? ZDNet >> NEOMONEY: Bitcoin goes to Washington: Monday's hearing is just the beginning, by Jay Newton-Small: "The first congressional hearing on how to regulate virtual currencies will take place on Monday afternoon before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The hearing is a first step in what will likely be a long process toward any kind of lawmaking. 'Honestly, the environment seems to be a game of hot potato where no politician wants to be caught being pro or anti bitcoin,' says Charles Hoskinson, director of the Bitcoin Education Project." Time

>>>> Holy hop, Bitman! Bitcoin just went over $600 Mt. Gox

>>>> As Chinese investors pile into Bitcoin, China's oldest exchange, BTC China, raises $5M from Lightspeed TechCrunch

>>>> US has already ceded dominance in Bitcoin trading CoinDesk

>>>> Bitcoin mining chips, a high-tech arms race BloombergBusinessweek

>> APPLE PICKING: Apple buys Israel's PrimeSense for $345 million: report, by Steve Scheer: "Apple has bought PrimeSense, an Israeli maker of chips that enable three-dimensional (3D) machine vision, for $345 million, the Calcalist financial newspaper reported on Sunday without citing sources... PrimeSense's sensing technology, which gives digital devices the ability to observe a scene in three dimensions, was used to help power Microsoft's Xbox Kinect." Reuters

>> BIG PICTURE: Why Amazon Web Services rules the cloud, by Eric Knorr: "The company that originated cloud computing continues to hold a staggering lead over the IaaS competition -- and the consumerization of IT has played right into its hands... AWS, the provider that defined cloud computing, has built up a vast ecosystem of partners and keeps piling on features to broaden its appeal, with even conventional enterprises now thinking about moving production workloads to its cloud." InfoWorld

>>>> Kinesis: Amazon's cloud opens to the Internet of things InfoWorld

>> GUIDED BY VOICES: Snap out of it: Kids aren't reliable tech predictors, by Farhad Manjoo: "As much as we think youth know 'the Next Big Thing,' they are often wrong... Yes, I'm talking about Snapchat... The app doesn't make any money -- its executives have barely even mentioned any desire to make money -- but in the ad-supported tech industry, youth is the next best thing to revenue. " Wall Street Journal (paywalled)

>>>> Snapchat to Facebook: $3 billion isn't cool. You know what's cool? InfoWorld

>> BEHIND THE CURTAIN: How the feds took down the Silk Road drug Wonderland, by Kim Zetter: "The dramatic takedown of the Silk Road drug market and the arrest of its alleged owner on drug trafficking and murder-for-hire charges last month began in part with an offhand tip to Department of Homeland Security investigators in Maryland in mid-2011.... The informant told DHS investigators in Baltimore about an online drug bazaar where international sales of illicit drugs and other contraband were conducted with impunity and with the ease of buying cocktail stirrers or underwear on Amazon." Wired

>> FINGERS CROSSED: Google's broken promises & who's running the search engine?, by Danny Sullivan: "For two years in a row now, Google has gone back on major promises it made about search... If Google breaks promises it once made about search, does it need to better explain why to keep trust with users?" Marketing Land

>> SPY VS. SPY: CIA, Pentagon 'work against' Russia building GLONASS station in US: "US intelligence and military are pressing the State Department not to license construction of monitor stations for Russia's GLONASS navigation system on US territory, media reveals. The stations reportedly spark fears of spying opportunities. Moscow sent a request to build monitor stations for GLONASS, a Russian satellite system similar to GPS, on US territory in May 2012. The White House has been pondering over the proposal ever since." RT

>>>> A Russian GPS using US soil stirs spy fears New York Times (paywalled)

>> CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: CME hack draws FBI probe while renewing market structure anxiety, by Bloomberg: "The Chicago Mercantile Exchange's owner said yesterday that its systems were hacked in July and some customer information was compromised. CME Group said there's no evidence that transactions on its electronic-trading system or its clearing services were affected." Bloomberg

>> Google and Microsoft take steps to block Internet search results linked to child porn TNW

>> Qualcomm announces availability of Qualcomm Toq smartwatch The Wall Street Journal (paywalled)

>> Can we talk? The sorry state of modern messaging InfoWorld

>> Sony PlayStation 4 sales cross 1M units on first day PCWorld

>> Chomsky, Gellman talk Big Data at MIT Conference CSO

>> The ethics of unpaid labor and the Open Source Software community Ashe Dryden

>> OSv: The open source cloud operating system that is not Linux

>> How to get censored on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter ProPublica

>> Five advanced Javascript and web debugging techniques you should know about Badoo

>> Play a crossword game with Adobe's leaked passwords Unixmen

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "Whenever someone says 'DM me,' I always want to say, 'Ok. You're in a tavern and a wizard is looking to hire adventurers.'" @wallrike

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