Video: Meet the homeless man who learned how to code

Leo Grand had been living on the streets when he learned some coding and, ultimately, built and launched a mobile app

Here's your holiday feel-good tech story. Programmer Patrick McConlogue walked by homeless man Leo Grand for weeks before deciding to make Grand an offer: He could take $100 right now, or he could have McConlogue come back the next day with a laptop and start giving him coding lessons.

"I went with door No. 2," says Grand, and the two formed a real working partnership.

There's no treacle here -- just a guy teaching another guy a valuable skill. "I dig the mental challenges. I love it. I see this as something new to learn," says Grand, whose carpooling app, Trees for Cars, launched earlier this week. "This will change my life. I can work for Google, I can work for SpaceX, I can build a server ... this is going to change my life in a magnificent way."

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