CSC expands cloud management capabilities with ServiceMesh acquisition

Purchase of startup gives CSC customers ability to orchestrate applications across private, public, hybrid cloud environments

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Forrester research analyst Dave Bartoletti said CSC picked up one of the few independent hybrid/multicloud management vendors still around, and he identified three reasons why he believes the acquisition makes perfect sense.

First, CSC needed a unified service catalog, orchestration, and governance platform to pull together its successful and growing cloud business and enable faster enterprise cloud migrations to its multiple cloud offerings (public, virtual private, private), Bartoletti said.

Second, he noted that CSC needed to maintain some degree of cloud neutrality, and ServiceMesh provides that ability having built its reputation as a cloud-neutral governance and orchestration platform.

Finally, Bartoletti pointed out that everyone else already has an orchestrator:

HP and IBM have catalogs and orchestrators built to bridge their public IaaS platforms, converged infrastructures, and customers' existing kit. BMC and CA have rich stacks of ITSM-derived cloud infrastructure management tools. VMware and Microsoft have cloud automation+orchestration, too, and are both now in the public IaaS game. And every one of these claims to be cloud agnostic and is chasing the DevOps buyer. With CSC's IaaS offerings gaining steam so quickly, it needed an answer to these rich competitive stacks.

After the acquisition, ServiceMesh will continue to operate within CSC's cloud unit. However, the purchase will allow ServiceMesh to grow and expand even faster than before by allowing it to tap into CSC global sales, marketing, delivery, and solution resources. Existing customers will be able to leverage CSC's global network of industry consultants, application developers, software engineers, cyber security experts, and infrastructure professionals.

Together, CSC and ServiceMesh will offer enterprises increased agility, flexibility, and the opportunity to fully leverage their multivendor cloud landscape.

While financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, you can bet it came with a substantial price tag.

The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of next year.

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