Video: Meet the most connected man in the world

Google Glass and a smartwatch? Mere child's play to Chris Dancy

You're a pretty connected person, right? You have your smartphone stuffed full of apps that let you keep tabs on everything all the time. Maybe you have Google Glass. Perhaps you slap on a FitBit when it's time to exercise. You're fully plugged-in -- yet, you're still a very long way from Chris Dancy.

As the above video shows, there's connected, and there's Dancy-level connected. He's loaded with sensors, interfaces, and apps pretty much around the clock. He has some, er, interesting outlooks on privacy and technology, though he rightfully points out that tons of data is being collected about you already (via your smartphone, your credit card, and so on). "Star Wars" geeks among us might say that Dancy is more machine than man now, though "twisted and evil" is probably overstating it.

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