Video: IBM and Apple forge an enterprise mobile partnership

The companies will work together on enterprise mobility, combining IBM's software with Apple's iOS platform

For its latest trick, Apple goes for the unexpected: It's teaming up with IBM. The newly announced partnership brings together IBM's enterprise expertise and Apple's mobile dominance. IBM will create enterprise apps exclusively for iOS, then sell Apple hardware loaded with industry-specific apps to its clients.

In the above video, Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty discuss the merger as a simple matter of common goals between two companies who don't appear to be natural allies at first glance. "It takes the best of Apple and the best of IBM and puts them together," says Cook. "There's no overlap -- they're totally complementary."

"This is all about unlocking mobility in the enterprise," continues Rometty in explaining the nature of the deal. It's also about using IBM technology and expertise to make Apple devices truly corporate-class with beefed-up security and enterprise-level AppleCare.

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