Hacker movie wants to be free -- for a limited time

Not just a movie about hackers, 'Algorithm' explores a new business model for viewing content and sharing profits

"Algorithm: Of Hackers and DRM" tells the story of a hacker who breaks into government systems and finds all sorts of unsavory material (shades of Edward Snowden fully intentional). You can watch it for free below -- but not for long.

ALGORITHM - Of hackers and DRM from Moshe Bergstein on Vimeo.

The film's model is to allow one day of free viewing, then start charging for it, though the movie appears to still be viewable. The business model behind it includes a profit-sharing agreement so that everybody who worked on it gets a piece of whatever financial success it has. If you want to see it for free, you'd better do it soon, as it is scheduled to be taken offline in the near future.

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