Windows 8 usage declined in June while XP usage increased

Net Applications says overall use of Windows 8 declined from May to June, reversing a long-standing trend of tiny increases

Net Applications hardly rates as divine truth, but this month's operating system usage numbers proved surprising. Reversing a long-standing trend of tiny increases, the total share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users measured by Net Applications declined from 12.64 to 12.54 percent. At the same time, usage of that rapidly disappearing, bug-ridden, decrepit old Windows XP increased from 25.27 percent to 25.31 percent.

The usage for Windows 7 continued to grow -- from 50.06 percent share in May to 50.55 percent in June, which goes to show you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

I've railed about Net Applications and its numbers before, so the news can hardly be classified as earth-shattering. But as the hackneyed saying goes, it is what it is. The absolute numbers don't mean much, but the lack of a significant trend in the opposite direction, to me, speaks volumes.

As I've been saying for two years now, Microsoft needs to distance itself from Windows 8 as quickly as it can.

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