Microsoft acknowledges more errors, 80070371 and 80071A91, when installing Windows 8.1 Update/KB 2919355

There's confirmation of two more bugs and a Stop 0x7B 'Blue Screen' as Microsoft re-issues the patch, changing metadata but no programs

The Windows 8.1 Update blowout continues. We now have official recognition of two more error codes, 80070371 and 80071A91, which can occur when you try to install Windows 8.1 Update, KB 2919355.

These revalations come on the heels of acknowledged errors 800F0922, 800F0923, 80070003, 80070005, 80070490, and 80073712, and the error message "We couldn't complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer." Microsoft gave workarounds for some (but not all) of the those earlier problems on the Microsoft Answers forum earlier this week.

In addition, after installing KB 2919355, Internet Explorer 11 may crash when you turn on or turn off Enterprise Mode, as described in KB 2956283. You may also hit a Stop 0x7B "Blue Screen" error, described in KB 2967012.

Microsoft has re-issued patch KB 2919355 yet again, changing the installation metadata but not the programs themselves. The associated Knowledge Base article is now up to version 21.

Yes, this is the same patch that Microsoft was going to use as a "baseline" for all future Windows 8.1 patches: Up until Monday of this week, Microsoft's official, oft-repeated policy demanded that customers install KB 2919355 if they wanted any future Windows 8.1 security patches. Fortunately, on May 12 cooler heads prevailed and Microsoft informed Windows 8.1 customers that the threatened Windows 8.1 patch cutoff was a paper tiger -- those who didn't get Windows 8.1 Update/KB2919322 installed by May 13 would continue to receive updates for another month, until Black Tuesday June 9. 

The June 9 cutoff date is now two and a half weeks away. If you can't get KB 2919355 installed by June 9, Microsoft is threatening (once again) that you won't be able to get any more patches.

I count 11 known, documented error messages, codes, and crashes for KB 2919355 -- and nearly zero definitive solutions. Sure hope Microsoft can solve all those problems by June 9.

It bears repeating, folks: You can't patch a desktop like a phone.

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