Oops! Surface Pro 3 firmware and driver update causing sluggish Wi-Fi

If you have a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, hold off on applying the June 19 system firmware update

Microsoft released an extensive Surface Pro 3 firmware patch on June 19 -- the same day that the Intel Core i5-based units hit retail shelves -- and now many early patchers are reporting Wi-Fi woes with their new tablets.

Apparently the System Firmware Update 6/19/2014 includes buggy drivers that cripple the speed of 802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi connections. The problem raises its ugly head after the Surface 3 resumes from Connected Standby -- er, Instant Go mode while running on battery.

ZDnet's Ed Bott reported on the problem over the weekend, after his Microsoft-supplied Surface Pro 3 showed these symptoms. Bott's correspondents have confirmed that the slowdown occurs while connected to a wide variety of routers, including Netgear, Asus, Belkin, Linksy, and D-Link.

There's a minor mutiny under way on the Microsoft Answers forum. The longest Answers forum thread on this specific problem kicks off with Mark Lenox saying:

I just bought my Surface Pro 3 yesterday and have installed all updates. After connecting to my home Wi-Fi network, each time I press the power button putting it to sleep, then reawaken it, the Wi-Fi goes to "Limited," and I have no Internet connection. I must then go to the Wi-Fi connections settings, disconnect and reconnect to the network, and it works. This is a MAJOR and UNACCEPTABLE pain in the neck for a machine I paid $1,400 for!

There are additional threads about lost connectivity after sleep, problems after installing VS 2013 and Hyper-V, and problems connecting to an Apple Airport Extreme on 802.11ac, where godson594 said:

Please fix this. I'm shaking my head that first update screwed something up. ... I already went through nightmares with my [Surface Pro] 2, so this isn't a good start :(

One customer reported repeated BSODs. I also see a host of related problems described on the Surface Pro forum.

There seems to be a manual workaround that involves replacing the Marvell Avastar Wireless-AC Network Controller driver, as well as lengthy discussions of how it may or may not be working on individual tablets. Answers forum denizen Aegeas has aggregated the recommended driver re-installation procedure and posted it. Basically, he recommends that you download and manually install the Wi-Fi driver from the original firmware and driver update pack.

As usual, there's no official word from Microsoft.

With the Surface Pro 3 floodgates about to open -- i3 and i7 models are due out on Aug. 1 -- you have to wonder if the firmware will be ready in time. Releasing a firmware update on general availability day is not an auspicious sign.

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