Tech is the place to be for the top entry-level jobs

'Web application developer' ranks as the best entry-level job, and tech jobs claim 6 of the top 10 spots in WalletHub's report

College graduates with Web-development skills are sitting pretty in the current job market.

A report on the best and worst entry-level jobs released by WalletHub today lists "Web application developer" at the top. IT-related jobs in fact take four of the top five spots and six of the top 10.

Tech is the place to be for the top entry-level jobs

WalletHub, which provides a social network focused on finance, compared 109 types of entry-level jobs based on 11 key metrics ranging from starting salary to industry growth rate. The positive findings by WalletHub reinforce what others have reported about the IT and software-developer job markets, with Mondo listing lucrative salaries for desirable IT skill sets and CompTIA finding that systems software developers have the highest growth potential of all IT workers through 2020.

Despite taking WalletHub's top spot, "Web application developer" was not the most lucrative when it came to starting salary. It ranked only 26th, with a median salary of $55,235, and 13th in income growth potential, said John Kiernan, senior analyst at WalletHub. Overall, the median salary for a new Web developer was $63,160, whereas the entry-level information security analyst position had a median starting salary of $54,420 and a median salary overall of $88,590.

Mondo in its own report on new skill sets found high salaries for positions such as "Android developer," which pays $135,000 to $165,000, and " architect," which came in at $180,000 to $200,000. But Mondo's study looked at jobs for people who had the skills cited, rather than looking only at entry-level jobs.

IT jobs did not monopolize WalletHub's list when it came to fastest projected job growth by 2022, but "Information security analyst," with a 36.5 percent projected growth rate, ranked second, and "Computer numeric control machine programmer" came in fourth at 27.6 percent.

In compiling its report, WalletHub looked at U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data as well as data from job sites such as

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