Watch 'The Daily Show' skewer Google Glass wearers

At long last, 'The Daily Show' sets its stinging sights on entitled, deluded Google Glass users

Remember when that annoying PR person made news because she went into a San Francisco bar while wearing Google Glass, ran afoul of the regular clientele, then fabricated hysterical charges like "assault" and "hate crime" to describe what happened to her? Didn't you think, "Man, 'The Daily Show' would have fun with that kind of stupidity!" Well, "The Daily Show" has obliged, as shown in the video below.

The Daily Show

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Hardcore technology enthusiasts have an unfortunate tendency to -- how to put this gently? -- have their heads lodged firmly in their nether regions. It's generally fine, until they get self-righteous about it, as your more militant Google Glass users are wont to do. (Also, let's not call them "explorers"; as correspondent Jason Jones points out, "Magellan was an explorer.... You guys just have a camera on your face.") Jones deftly dismantles their excuses, stories, and false equivalencies, exposing the ridiculousness of their pleas and at one point stating an obvious but necessary fact: "Do you guys hear yourselves when you talk? There already is an interface between yourself and the real world. Those are called eyes."

Plus, his makeshift Google Glass looks way cooler than the real thing.

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