Video: John Oliver lays a dingo trap for FCC chairman

A dingo ate my cable? John Oliver doubles down on linking FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to notorious Australian canine

In the midst of a piece about the FCC and Net neutrality, comedian John Oliver unflatteringly compared FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to a dingo (though one wonders if there's a flattering way to compare someone to a dingo). It was a good metaphor that doubled as a quality joke, and we all had a good laugh. Then came an unexpected turn: A reporter asked Wheeler if he had heard Oliver's metaphor, and Wheeler replied with a denial that he is, in fact, a dingo.

In the video above, Oliver has some additional fun with Wheeler. (NSFW language warning: There is one unbleeped four-letter word.) "We never said you were an dingo," Oliver explains. "We just said you were like a dingo. But now you're denying it so strenuously, I'm honestly starting to wonder whether you are actually a dingo." It's a fair point, and the visual evidence Oliver presents is perhaps even more damning. Let's just hope this doesn't provoke Wheeler to lash out in dingo fury.

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