Tech done right: The 2014 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Awards

Vision and execution are hallmarks of great leadership, as these eight technologists proved in pushing their organizations in bold new directions

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2014 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Awards:

Technology creation/management

Clint Jones, CEO, GoHealth Insurance

Clint Jones, GoHealth

Even before the botched rollout of the federal Obamacare enrollment website last fall, along with the failure of state versions in Oregon and elsewhere, there were fears that the Affordable Care Act-mandated enrollment systems would not work as promised, go live on schedule, or handle the expected load.

At the GoHealth insurance exchange -- essentially, a portal for getting insurance quotes and connecting customers to agents and providers to purchase insurance -- CEO Clint Jones saw what was going and decided to act. and its state equivalents were complex undertakings, and many government exchanges had difficulties with their online health insurance exchanges. So Jones asked, "Why not provide an alternative venue for those seeking coverage under Obamacare?"

But the timeframe was tight. GoHealth swiftly hired new talent, formed an agreement with the federal agency managing Obamacare (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to integrate with its system, and enhanced its technology platform to support Obamacare plans in addition to traditional ones in its exchange. The integration with the federal system allowed GoHealth to estimate consumers' federal tax subsidy information and apply the tax credits directly to a health insurance plan.

GoHealth hired and trained nearly 600 people in 90 days. During the training program, many of the new hires earned their licenses to become health insurance advisers who can walk consumers through the enrollment process and recommend health plans.

As a result of this gamble, GoHealth became the first private online exchange capable of enrolling Americans in the subsidized Obamacare health insurance plans, even as the federal website struggled to work properly.

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