The 7 silliest Kickstarter projects

If you've ever wanted to invest in technologies like LED pixel art or a locator of sunny bars, here's your chance


Kickstarter can be a great way for technologists to garner funding for their pursuits. On the other hand, it can be a way for people to get donations to build fun little frivolities. These projects fall into the latter group.


PIXEL brings Lite-Brite into the digital age: All the fun of quirky, blocky, low-res art without the hassle of losing the tiny colored pegs. Essentially an Android-based digital picture frame, PIXEL displays static images or animations that are created on your Android device (iOS support is not yet available).

Susanne Kraus


In case you were wondering what the world's largest mobile self-portrait camera is, here ya go. It's a souped-up photo booth that spits out life-sized portraits in artsy black-and-white instead of a strip of postage-stamp-sized headshots. If nothing else, it will combat the scourge of holding-your-smartphone-in-the-mirror selfies plaguing the Internet.

Alphabet Media Ltd.

Beer in the Sun

Do you like beer? Do you like the sun? Do you like to sit in the sun and drink beer? Do you have trouble finding a sunny place where you can sit and drink beer? If so, then the aptly titled Beer in the Sun is for you. It will point you toward the nearest watering hole presently enjoying sunshine, carefully ruling out establishments that are forever in the shadows of high-rises and the like. Drinking and tanning -- now that's our kind of multitasking!

Edward Hibbert


"Two hundred channels, nothing but cats," lamented the venerable old coot Jasper on "The Simpsons." He was talking about TV (a broken one, at that), but he may as well have been talking about social media sites, nearly all of which host an inordinate amount of cat pictures. If you'd prefer a feline-free newsfeed, CatZapper is for you -- no more cat photos, no more cat stories, just the rest of the inanities that populate social media newsfeeds.


Mobile Green Tea Machine

There's drinking green tea, and there's drinking green tea. Don't get stuck doing the unitalicized former ever again with this little gadget. Its array of sensors not only ensure that the tea is put in only when the water is at the optimal temperature, but it also makes sure the tea leaves are properly conditioned. You'll never have to suffer through a suboptimal cup of green tea ever again.

Open Source Death Star

This one was actually raised to the Obama White House, which gave a suitably nerdy negative response. But for those who want other star systems to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station, here ya go.

Beard My Baby

This campaign has the noble and underrepresented goal of ending baby beardlessness. Won't you think of the babies?

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