14 offline-capable Chromebook apps for IT pros

Web apps are great, but when you can't be online 24/7, these apps still get the job done

With the Google Pixel, Google has revitalized interest in the oft-maligned Chromebook. Positive reviews for the Pixel, along with endorsements from well-respected techies like Linus Torvald and InfoWorld Open Sources blogger Simon Phipps haven't hurt, either.

Still, if the Chromebook is going to succeed, Google and other Chromebook makers (such as Samsung and HP) need to convince users that enough decent Chrome OS apps out there can run whether or not the user has an active Internet connection. In this slideshow, we'll show you 14 such apps, all geared toward IT professionals and business users.


Cookies is billed as an easy-to-use visual cookie editor, aimed at helping developers more effectively manage cookies stored within their browser. Users can add, edit, and delete cookies, as well as whitelist cookies they want to keep. The tool also offers password-protected encrypted storage, backup and restore, and the ability to import to and from files.

Dev HTTP Client

This REST-compliant tool is designed to ease the process of discovering, manipulating, and testing HTTP resources. Beyond the ability to send and receive custom HTTP requests and responses, the tool lets you permanently save requests to local repositories for future use. Developers can request declarations with context-specific variables, which means they can switch between environments without having to modify declarations. Features include HATEOAS support, request history, and drag-and-drop body declaration.

Google Docs

Google's done a credible job in developing a lightweight suite of office apps that you can run from your browser, whether or not you're connected to the Internet. You can easily create and edit basic text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. Sync it up with your Google Drive and enable offline access, and you can get at those files whenever you need to. Google Docs isn't as feature-rich as, say, Microsoft Office 365, but it should meet an average user's needs.

History Eraser

The name says it all: This app is designed to delete your typed URLs, caches, cookies, download, and browsing history with a click. There's also a developer mode for deleting local storage, file systems, app caches, and database.


Huey is designed to help developers choose precisely which colors they want for their websites. You can browse through existing colors, both named and "Web-safe"; filter by name, hue, saturation, and lightness; and immediately see such details as hexadecimal code, RGB values, and HSL values. Huey also will help you learn how to specify colors when building a Web page using different formats in CSS.

Kaiserapps Web Developer Tools

This tool is designed to convert Excel spreadsheet data (or any TDT) into SQL insert, update, or delete statements; it's also useful if you need to generate MD5 or SHA1 hashes quickly. To use the SQL feature, copy your spreadsheet, paste it into the input box, and Hit convert. Bam, the data is transformed. To use the hashing feature, you select the hash algorithm of your choice (MD5 or SHA1), enter your text into the input field, and hit Convert.


Nitro is a simple, open source task-management application designed to help users keep organized. The app syncs with Dropbox or Ubuntu One. It also creates a todo.txt file so that you can see or embed your tasks in plain text. Features include smart lists, magic sort, search capabilities, and themes.

Postman REST Client

Postman is an HTTP client for testing REST Web services, with an emphasis on helping developers work more efficiently with APIs. Developers can create requests using global variables for values that are common throughout APIs; they can then document and share APIs. Among its features is the ability to create organized collections of APIs that can be shared with a URL, as well as Basic and OAuth 1.0 helpers. It also offers HATEOS support, as well as formatted API responses for JSON and XML.

Read Later Fast

This slick little app lets you easily save Web pages to your machine so that you can read them at your leisure while connected to the Internet or otherwise. When calling up an archived page, you can choose to view it in its original format or as a text.

ReqView Desktop

Currently in pre-beta, ReqView Desktop is designed to help project teams collaborate during requirements review and approval process, regardless of whether they are connected to the RM (requirements management) server. Users can synchronize changes made to a ReqView document with the original document via the ReqView Synchronizer. It lets you combine requirement structure and attribute views, update requirement statuses, and view revision history. The client supports roundtrip synchronization with IBM Rational DOORS and import of ReqIF standard documents including XHTML rich formatted text and embedded images.

Secure Shell

Secure Shell is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator and stand-alone SSH client for Chrome. It combines the SSH command ported to NativeClient with the hterm terminal emulator. The client is capable of connecting directly to SSH servers without the need for r external proxies, according to the developer, though when used in offline mode, it limits you to connecting to SSH servers on the same LAN.


SecuStor serves double duty as a password management and secure-storage utility, boasting such features as a built-in password generator, cloud synchronization, and the ability to encrypt data using AES. You can divvy up your data into sets, each with their own master password. You also can sync your data with your Dropbox account and access it from multiple devices. Additionally, you can create customized templates to store your data, as well as import data from any kind of CSV file.


ShiftEdit, offered by ShiftCreate, is an online IDE for creating, editing, and publishing PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Users can access and publish their files using FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. Features include autocomplete, code folding, snippets, and real-time syntax debugging. The Premier Edition offers the ability to access your Revision History. The Standard Edition is free.


Here's another task management app aimed at project managers and teams who need to share tasks. Users can send, schedule, and receive tasks via a simple UI. Tasks can be exported to popular calendar applications, including Google Calendar, iCal, Thunderbird, and Outlook. They also can assign responsibilities, attach files, and filter tasks by hashtag. The inbox is designed to show only important messages, according to the developers, displaying deadline reminders, major changes, and team activities. You also can edit, reschedule, or respond to tasks without having to forward changes to your peers.

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