Cloud Tools to Enhance Your Application Performance

The cloud ecosystem has given rise to a variety of tools and services that can be easily plugged into applications. Rather that writing code to monitor, load test and/or optimize your cloud environment, consider implementing some of these tools into your application.

Monitoring Tools

The cost of application downtime extends beyond lost revenue. Businesses need to consider the potential for a spike in customer service requests and negative comments on social media, which can damage your company's reputation. Because system administrators may not be able to diagnose problems 24x7, an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution can help.

APM tools like AppDynamics and New Relic provide application intelligence based on user-defined behaviors such as logging in, updating a cart or checking out. They provide information such as page load times and transactions in real time, enabling you to identify issues across the user experience.

Load Testing

The proliferation of mobile devices and social communication has put a strain on application resources. Businesses can identify stress points and potential bottlenecks before going live by load testing their app with companies like Load Impact and Apica.

Both SaaS solutions generate traffic from different geographic regions while measuring the response rates and throughput of each packet. Results from these tests can include CPU and memory usage along with disk and network I/O, helping you fine-tune your app. These services are particularly helpful for businesses preparing for the holidays or a specific high traffic event.

Website Optimization

Speed is important to your users, and companies like CloudFlare and Incapsala offer tools to optimize your website. By caching frequently requested content and using a cloud delivery network (CDN) to store files closer to the end user, your site's load time will be much faster. Additionally, both companies offer security features like in-flight DDoS mitigation, identification and remediation of bot and spam traffic along with software-based Web application firewalls to help keep your site online.

Solutions like ScaleArc and ScaleBase can help with database optimization. ScaleArc iDB is a SQL traffic management engine inserted transparently between applications and databases. This tool enables instant scalability and high availability for databases with read/write split, replication-aware load balancing and query routing capabilities. ScaleBase is a modern relational database platform. Its clusters, built on MySQL, optimize workloads by logically distributing data across public, private and geo-distributed clouds.

Managed Support

These tools are software-based solutions that can be found in an online marketplace, but one of the best ways to boost your app's performance is to consult a cloud expert. The Rackspace Managed Cloud connects you with a team of professionals who know the cloud inside and out, offering expertise on cloud architecture, scaling and assistance with your code.