What would you do to improve dynamic proxies?

Java language architect Brian Goetz has posted a call for developers to share their experiences with Java dynamic proxies in a brief survey. The four-question survey asks whether Java developers are using dynamic proxies and if so, how much insight they have into the logic of proxies in an invocation handler: "Were all methods intercepted, or only some; were most method invocations proxied to an underlying instance;" and so on. It concludes with the most important question: "What would you improve about dynamic proxies, if you could?"

Developers responding to Goetz's tweet as of Tuesday afternoon have suggested that dynamic proxies could be improved by allowing the usage of InvokeDynamic bytecode instruction in the Java language (@antoine_sd); enabling class proxies (@jessewilson); and including a native app facility in Java (@frett27).

What would you do to improve dynamic proxies in Java? Take the survey or join the conversation on Twitter, or just drop a line in the comments below.

More about dynamic proxies

You can learn more about dynamic proxies on JavaWorld and read Brian Goetz's own introduction to Java Decorators and Adapters with proxies on IBM developerWorks:

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