Reality check: Java 8 finally catches a multicore break

Java 8 brings multicore functionality to the JDK libraries

From The Register's Gavin Clarke:

Multi-core is a tick in the box in today’s world. You’ll find processors with multiple cores on servers and smart phones – relevant in the case of Java thanks to the success of Google’s Android operating system that uses the Dalvik JVM.

It’s something all devs must confront. C++ aficionado Herb Sutter has been saying since 2005 that devs need to write apps that are multi-threaded to take advantage of the speed and performance of multiple cores rather than relying on chip makers to boost the a single processor’s clock speed or its cache.

In some respects, Java 8 is late to this multi-core world. As evidenced by the conversions of LinkedIn and Twitter, on-going popularity of Java and the rise of Android, Java devs have been coping with building multi-core without waiting for the official spec to catch up to the real world.

Now it's here, how will Java 8 take language and platform to new places? Unlikely. It’ll just makes things easier and the apps better.

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