What's the best programming language to learn first?

What's the best programming language to learn first? For a start, not JavaScript. Your first programming language should give you a conceptual framework in object-oriented programming. Once you've got that down, it will be easier to pick up almost any language, and JavaScript will be a snap. ITWorld blogger Matthew Mombrea writes that Java, C#, and C++ are all good choices for learning how to code a wide variety of applications -- but the biggest deciding factor might be knowing what kind of projects you want to work on:

If you tell me your ideal programming gig, knowing that information makes all the difference. You want to work at Google? Best go Python. You want to work in the enterprise space, learn Java or C#. You want to build websites? Probably go PHP or Ruby. Pledged your soul to Apple? Just dive into Objective-C and never program outside of their massive ecosystem.

If you were starting out today, what language would you choose to learn first? Read more on ITWorld.com...

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