Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022

Agile developer Allan Kelly believes that by 2022 (or perhaps much sooner) it will be not be possible to get a professional programming job if you do not practice test-driven development (TDD). Moreover, widespread adoption of TDD will mean a return to unit testing (but not unit testing as you've known it) and significant changes in the process of product design and development.

Kelly's claims:

  • It will not be acceptable to question TDD in an interview. It will be so accepted that anyone doesn’t know what TDD is, who can’t use TDD in an exercise or who claims “I don’t do TDD because its a waste of time” or “TDD is unproven” will not get the job.
  • Programmers will once again be expected to write unit tests for their work.
  • Unit testing will be overwhelmingly automated. Manual testing is a sin. Manual unit testing doubly so.

Kelly also points out some nice distinctions in TDD styles -- are you a practitioner of Classic/Chicago-TDD, London-School-TDD, or Dan North style Behaviour Driven Development?

What do you think: is TDD headed for a tipping point? Read more on Allen Kelly's blog ...

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