After a bad year, Java heads in the right direction

Security woes behind it, Oracle now has Java on the right track

Java heads in the right direction in 2013

Java's image may have taken a beating last year over security issues, but expect it to remain a critical platform for enterprise software development. This year, users can look forward to new versions of both enterprise and standard Java, which should serve to keep the platform current.

Java Development Kit 8, based on Java Platform, Standard Edition 8, will feature capabilities for JavaScript programming and accommodations for multicore processors. Also due is Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7, which promises easier use and new capabilities for HTML5 WebSocket communications and RESTful Web Services 2.0.

The capabilities Oracle has slated for the two upcoming versions of Java are no-brainers. JavaScript has become a de facto standard for Web development, and multicore is where computer hardware has gone. HTML5 and RESTful Web services also are established in the software development and Web services realms.

Users, meanwhile, will need to upgrade to Java SE 7 if they have not already done so, as support for Java SE 6 is slated to end in February, after having been postponed twice.

Looking beyond 2013, Java is slated to become more modular in Java SE 9, while Java EE will make accommodations for cloud computing.

Although Objective-C and a multitude of dynamic languages have stolen some of the limelight, Java remains the most popular language in the Pypl Popularity of Programming Language Index and the second-most-popular language in the Tiobe Programming Community Index. The Dice career site for technology and engineering professionals lists Java/J2EE developers as the top hiring priority for 2013, for the second consecutive year.

All indications are that Java, which will turn 18 years old this year, will continue to keep up with the times.

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