Atlassian brings crash reporting, issue detection to iPhone and Android apps

Jira Mobile Connect for iOS and Android platforms will send error reports to app makers via the Jira issue-tracking tool

Atlassian in January plans to ship software providing crash reporting and issue detection for mobile applications.

Called Jira Mobile Connect and currently in a beta release stage, the software features sets of libraries that developers can add to iPhone, iPad, and Android applications, said Jay Simons, Atlassian president. The product provides post-shipment feedback about application and game performance. Working in conjunction with the Atlassian Jira issue-tracking tool, Jira Mobile sends an error report to the maker of an application's instance of Jira, connecting the developer and user. "It allows the developer to have a one-way conversation directly with the customer," said Simons.

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Early adopter Infohubble has been using Jira Mobile Connect with an iOS application that demonstrates the company's business listing and data aggregation applications. "You click on the logo where you get a screen where you can report a bug," said developer Nicolas Peeters, head of software development at Infohubble. "It's very convenient for a user." He added that users can describe a use case or record a message: "The cool thing about this is once you submit the bug report, it gets into Jira."

The product also tells a developer what mode an application was in, such as portrait or landscape, as well as what browser was being used and whether a Wi-Fi connection was in place. Jira Mobile Connect will work with either the behind-the-firewall or on-demand versions of Jira and is free. Jira, however, costs $10 per month for 10 users. Version 4.4 or higher of Jira is required.

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