Java pioneer distances himself from JCP

James Gosling is scheduled to talk up enterprise Java at conference, but says the Java amendment process has gotten 'complicated'

James Gosling, considered the father of Java, offered some brief and positive perspectives on enterprise Java, the Java GlassFish application server, and the JavaFX multimedia platform Tuesday evening, but he was not so positive in his comments about the Java Community Process (JCP) for amending Java specifications.

Gosling, who is now CTO of Oracle's client software group after serving a long stint as one of Sun Microsystems' star engineers, will give a keynote presentation Wednesday at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas, entitled "Java Today and Tomorrow." In a short interview while waiting on line at the hotel registration desk Tuesday, Gosling said he would mostly be talking about Java Platform Enterprise Edition (EE) 6, which was released three months ago.

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"The ink dried on the spec," Gosling said. "The GlassFish application server's the first industrial-strength one that implements it completely." Asked about Oracle's commitment to GlassFish, which adds another application server to Oracle's lineup, Gosling deferred to Oracle management.

Oracle already has the former BEA WebLogic Server application server on its product list, but nonetheless has stated that GlassFish would be intended for departmental use.

Asked about the JCP, Gosling said he did not want anything to do with it. "It's just gotten complicated," he said.

But JavaFX continues to march on, according to Gosling.

"The [JavaFX] engineering team is cranking along, the GlassFish engineering team is cranking along," said Gosling.

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