JetBrains and Electric Cloud offer new build tools

TeamCity can put Build Agents on Amazon EC2, while SparkBuild offers intelligent build avoidance to reduce build time

JetBrains and Electric Cloud have announced new build tools that are free for some users.

TeamCity 5.0, the latest from JetBrains, places Build Agents on Amazon EC2 instances, allowing you to expand your build farm to the cloud. It also improves its Maven support; integrates with the Jira, Bugzilla, and YouTrack issue trackers; adds build configuration templates; and picks up a command-line interface for its Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA interfaces.

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TeamCity is free for small and midsize development teams.

SparkBuild, from Electric Cloud, is a "make and NMAKE-compatible build tool with an intelligent build avoidance feature that dramatically reduces build time, and graphical tools to analyze and debug build results." Although limited to developer's own Windows or Linux desktop, the tool is free.

Two tools, two approaches: Add more horsepower, or only build what is absolutely necessary.

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