JetBrains ships IntelliJ Idea Java IDE upgrade

Version 9 of the IDE is has both an open source and a commercial offering

JetBrains is shipping version 9 of its IntelliJ Idea IDE for Java, this time offering both commercial and open source versions.

The commercial edition, called Ultimate, features a set of tools and integrations with such technologies and frameworks as Spring and Hibernate, for Web and enterprise Java development. It also integrates with the Microsoft Team Foundation Server application lifecycle management server and Perforce and Rational ClearCase configuration management. Other capabilities include dependency structure matrix and advanced code manipulation with structural search and replace.

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The Ultimate edition backs the Spring 3 framework as well as Java Platform Enterprise Edition (EE) 6, PHP, and Google Android.

Adobe's Flex and AIR technologies also are supported in the Ultimate edition.

"We support building, running, and debugging AIR applications from within IntelliJ Idea. In addition to that, all the advanced code editing features that we support for Flex (code completion, ActionScript refactorings, error highlighting and more) also work for AIR applications," said Dmitry Jemerov, development lead at JetBrains.

The free, open source Community Edition is geared for Java, Groovy, and Swing development and features IntelliJ capabilities like refactorings, code inspections, coding assistance, debugging, and JUnit testing. Subversion and Git are supported, as are Ant and Maven build integration.

"IntelliJ Idea 9 provides an easy way to create projects using any of the Java EE 6 technologies and to deploy, run and debug them on the GlassFish 3 application server," said Jemerov.

The Ultimate edition costs $599 for a commercial license. Upgrades from previous versions of IntelliJ Idea cost $299.

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