Embarcadero offers on-demand tools access

Single license provides access to developer and database products

Embarcadero Technologies has forged a licensing plan allowing on-demand access to all Embarcadero database tools as well as development tools.

Being launched on Wednesday, the Embarcadero All-Access program offers access to application and Web development tools, such as Delphi, JBuilder, and C++ Builder; database design and development tools, such as ER/Studio and DBArtisan; and database management tools, such as Change Manager.

All-Access provides a single license for all database and development tools for multiple platforms, said Michael Swindell, vice president of products at Embarcadero. "What All-Access does is makes it affordable for an organization to provide every team member with all the multiplatform application and database tooling they might need," Swindell said.

The initiative arose after Embarcadero began hearing from customers about merger- and economic-related issues. "The result of that [for] developers is that teams are tasking their developers with more responsibilities," Swindell said.

Developers must take on more roles and pressures, and managers must deal with budgetary constraints, Swindell said. And it becomes more difficult to manage tool licenses, especially when there are role-specific suites for persons like developers, testers, and architects, he said.

All-Access provides "a single license that unlocks everything," Swindell said. License options include Workstation, which is tied to a user and a workstation; Network Managed User, which allows a user to float between systems; and Network Managed Concurrent for sharing licenses.

Offered in four levels of access to different sets of tools, pricing begins at $2,250 for a "Bronze" level access for a single-user workstation license. Each level also includes a year of support, maintenance, upgrades, and new products. Users also can access content on Embarcadero Developer Network.

Development platforms supported by Embarcadero's tools include Microsoft .Net and native Windows, Java, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. Databases supported range from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to IBM DB2 and MySQL.

As part of All-Access, Embarcadero is introducing InstantOn, which allows "click-and-run" access to tools on-demand without installation either locally over the network. It is available Wednsday for many All-Access tools and will be offered for all components in the second quarter of this year.

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