Introduction to "Design Techniques"

A look at the role of design in the context of the overall software development process

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I encourage your comments, criticisms, suggestions, flames -- yep, every kind of feedback -- about the material presented in this column. If you disagree with something, or have something to add, please let me know. As part of each month's column (after the first one), I will include some reader feedback about the previous month's article.

Next month

With next month's Design Techniques I'll begin a mini-series of articles that focus on designing classes and objects. Next month's article, the first of this mini-series, will give design guidelines in the area of class initialization.

Bill Venners has been writing software professionally for 12 years. Based in Silicon Valley, he provides software consulting and training services under the name Artima Software Company. Over the years he has developed software for the consumer electronics, education, semiconductor, and life insurance industries. He has programmed in many languages on many platforms: assembly language on various microprocessors, C on Unix, C++ on Windows, Java on the Web. He is author of the book: Inside the Java Virtual Machine, published by McGraw-Hill.

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