Java Web Start to the rescue

Find out how Java Web Start aids client-side deployment

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You can employ applets in situations where sophisticated users need fine-grained security or situations where the browser is the de facto client.

None of these technologies are mutually exclusive. It is fairly easy to mix and match in the best interest of the application requirements.


We started where the Java revolution began -- Java applets. Middle-tier technologies, like servlets and JSPs, enabled client-side presentation and solved some issues with applets. However, with servlets and JSPs, the user interaction was confined to the hosted environment. Java Web Start technology overcomes this limitation while still retaining most of the advantages of the other technologies used hitherto to design Web clients.

We looked at several examples illustrating Java Web Start's different features. Java Web Start and JNLP offer a powerful paradigm to design Web clients by providing a rich user interaction without confining functionality to a browser. Some combined approaches were mentioned as well, which might be applicable to certain categories of applications.

Raghavan Srinivas is a Java technology evangelist at Sun Microsystems who specializes in Java and distributed systems. He is a proponent of Java technology and teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in the evening. Srinivas holds a master's degree in computer science from the Center of Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. He enjoys hiking, running, and traveling, but most of all loves to eat, especially spicy food.

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