Mobile for the masses: Sign, seal, and deliver your Android app

The fifth article in IBM developerWorks’ series Mobile for the Masses has been published! This hip article shows you how to add a multiple-choice quiz to your Android mobile app, then sign it with a secure digital certificate.

As the article summary states:

By web logic, content is king; but for mobile users, interaction rules. Static information design is out for mobile apps, and gamification is in. This month Andrew Glover concludes his introduction to Android mobile development by adding a multiple-choice quiz feature to the example app, Overheard Word, introduced in a previous article. Then he shows you how to generate a digital signature and publish and promote your signed app on Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Android.

Check out ”Mobile for the masses: Sign, seal, and deliver your Android app” and learn how to sign your app in preparation for submitting it to an app store! If you missed the first article, check out ”Mobile for the masses: A gentle introduction to Android”; what’s more, don’t forget to read my second article, entitled ”Mobile for the masses: Take a swipe at it! Programming gestures in Android” and the third article ”Mobile for the masses: Activities and icons in your Android application lifecycle”. Finally, don’t forget to read article number four: ”Mobile for the masses: Mobile for the masses: Words and gestures with Overheard Word” and programmatically integrate third-party code into your Android UI!

Stay tuned for more articles in this series and don’t forget to watch for mobile focused articles on this blog as well.

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